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Air Freight Shipping options


classic air freight USA

Standard Air Freight

In a few days, your goods can cross the globe. With the air freight solution, it is the reliability of a fast and secure shipment. Air cargo uses the available space of airlines that you can find at international airports, such as Air France, Air China, Qatar Airways... Thus, the departures are regular and punctual for these airline industries.


express air freight USA

Express Air Freight

The express freight solution operates directly with a company specialized in transportation such as DHL, FedEx, UPS... It is an all-inclusive servicewith a door-to-door solution. Customs clearance is facilitated, and air delivery is adapted to small shipments of goods. This is the fastest transport solution and the goods can even be day delivery. This is the best solution for time-sensitive shipments.

Other services

In addition to air freight services, DocShipper offers a range of service options that can be adapted to your needs. So you can focus on your business, we'll take care of everything!


Air cargo insurance US

Cargo Insurance

Relieve yourself of the responsibility for your goods during transport. When transporting your goods, there is a risk of damage, loss or deterioration.With an insurance policy, you have a guarantee for your goods and protection for the total value of your freight shipment. Assigning responsibility for damage to your goods will give you the peace of mind of knowing you are covered

 Customs clearance

One of the most sensitive steps in the transportation of goods, customs clearance, consists of declaring an import or export to customs. It is a rather long and complicated formality. It is easy for an inexperienced person to get lost in the administrative maze. That's why DocShipper takes care of the customs clearance of your goods. You will save time, and you will not have to deal with these demanding formalities.

To know more, check out Customs clearance services

customs clearance US freight


International sourcing services

Sourcing services

Over the years, DocShipper has built a network of over 3,000 trusted suppliers. Our primary goal is to provide you with a customized service and achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We will find the right supplier for you, taking into account your specifications by checking certificates and standards. Don't worry about the negotiation, we also take care of it and negotiate the best prices. In parallel, we offer options such as sampling and custom quality control.

To know more about it, check out Sourcing services


What information do I need to provide to receive an air transportation quote?


Incoterms are directly related to logistics. Indeed, these terms allow to share the responsibilities of the exporter and the importer and to determine who assumes the costs. Created by the Chamber of Commerce, these terms are set up to facilitate international trade. It is therefore essential to define them in order to establish the terms of trade

Volume in m3 and weight in kg

Volume and weight for air freight US

Knowing the weight and volume of the goods is essential to get a precise idea of the cost and delivery time. By specifying the weight and volume of thegoods, companies can estimate the cost of additional services, such as handling and transportation, and get an accurate estimate of the cost of shipping. In addition, it will help to find the most appropriate means of transportation and ensure that delivery is made on time.


Nature of the Products

To better estimate and qualify your quote, we need to know the nature and quantity of the goods to be transported. This allows us to estimate the time and costs required for delivery, while anticipating possible risks associated with the product. In addition, with accurate information about the goods, we can also determine the best way to make the delivery, choosing the most suitable means of transport. Finally, this information allows us to know and comply with legal and regulatory obligations, which are particularly important when dealing with dangerous or fragile products.

departure and arrival cargo US

Arrival and departure addresses

Specifying the departure and arrival addresses of the goods when requesting a quote allows us to calculate the time needed to carry out the transport, as well as the type of vehicle and equipment needed. In addition, we need to know the departure and arrival points to know the route and distance to be covered. Once we have this information, DocShipper will be able to prepare a more accurate quote that is tailored to your customers' needs.

Packaging needs 

Packaging materials can add costs and transportation constraints, while some goods may require specific packaging for security or insurance reasons. By specifying the packaging required, we can then determine the type and quantity of materials required for the packaging, allowing us to accurately assess the cost and transportation requirements for the product.


licences required goods air freight

Licenses are required

Specifying the required licenses is essential when creating a quote. Licenses are limited rights of use or conditions that are tied to specific products orservices and must be met when those products or services are used. Specific licenses may include limitations on the number of users allowed, the number of computers on which the product can be installed, the duration of validity and the number of uses allowed. Knowing what licenses are required is therefore important to properly assess the total cost of a project and avoid any potential violation of a license or patent agreement.

List of items to bring

To ensure that the estimate includes all items and services required to complete the job, it is necessary to specify the list of items to bring and their quantities for the estimate. This way, the estimate will be clear and accurate and there will be no surprises when billing. Specifying the list of items to be brought in also ensures that the work will be completed on time and to the specifications provided.

International Air Freight: Step-by-Step Procedure

Step 1: Transfer merchandise from your supplier to your forwarder's terminal

We'll get in touch with your supplier to plan the delivery of your goods and determine whether there are any additional requirements, such as packaging services or inventory management.

Step 2: Transporting the warehouse's goods to the departure airport

Following the verification of documents and merchandise, we will transport them to the airport to prepare them for departure.

Step 3: Presenting paperwork for exporting products from the country of origin

A final step on the departing country's territory involves submitting paperwork to local customs. You will not be able to take your belongings out of the country without first obtaining customs approval.

Step 4: The baggage is transferred from the departure airport to the arrival airport.

The luggage has been reserved, and the shipment is on its way to the arrival airport. After a few hours, your belongings have arrived in their final destination country. In less than two steps, you'll have your products!

Step 5: Customs clearance of the products to local authorities 

You will be subject to local customs duties once the merchandise arrives. Our customs declaration will get in touch with local authorities to arrange for the goods to be released.

Step 6: Transfer from the airport to your destination

Finally, we will deliver the products from the arrival airport to your entrance (or office/house) to complete the transportation. Note that the terms of access and property discharge must be discussed in advance with the transit authority in order to avoid any confusion on J day.

Don't waste any more time!

International air freight incoterms

EXW (Ex Work)

When you buy merchandise in EXW, you assume full responsibility for the entire logistics chain, from the supplier's warehouse to delivery to the final destination.

FAS (Free Alongside Ship) or FOB (Free on Board Shipping) 

A FOB purchase means that your supplier will deliver the products directly to the departure ports/airports. The export documentation will be handed over to the authorities, and you will reclaim control of the ship (maritime or air).

CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) or C&F (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) (Cost and Freight)

A CIF/CFR purchase allows you to include the freight (maritime or air) until you arrive at your destination terminal. As a result, all that remains is the customs clearance step with local authorities and delivery to the final location.

DAT (Delivery At Terminal)

As its name implies, “Delivery At Terminal” (Livraison au terminal in French) is an incoterm that allows you to buy your products with delivery AND customs clearance included. However, keep in mind that this solution does not include transportation between the terminal and the end destination (bank, business, or home).

DAP (Delivery At Place)

Unlike the DAT method, which ends at the Terminal, DAP purchases allow you to include the entire logistics chain in your purchase. In other words, with DAP purchases, your supplier manages the entire logistics process.

Documents you'll need if you're sending goods by air freight.

To send goods by air freight, you need the following documents:

  • Bill of Lading: This document is proof of delivery of goods and must be signed by both the carrier and the consignee.
  • Commercial Invoice: It must contain the price of the goods, information about the seller and the buyer, place and date of the transaction, etc.
  • Packing list: This document contains detailed information about the packages being transported, including weight, volume, number of packages, etc.
  • Accompanying documents: This document can be a letter of credit, a certificate of origin, an airway bill, etc.
  • Declaration of value: This certifies the value of the goods transported.
  • Inspection certificate: This is a document certifying that the goods transported comply with safety and quality standards.
  • Registration document: Finally, this document describes the goods and their final destination.


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